Welcome to the Presenter’s Portal for the World Meeting on Sexual Medicine. All presenters, faculty, authors and moderators should carefully review all information provided below.

Oral Podium Presentations

Oral Podium Presentations will be granted 6 minutes to present, followed by 4 minutes discussion.

Moderated (Oral) Poster Presentations

Moderated (Oral) Poster Presentations will be granted 2 minutes to present, followed by 3 minutes discussion. Presenters prepare a poster to be exhibited on the day of your presentation. A copy of the poster will be published on the screen during your presentation. As the presentation time is 2 minutes, we do not allow PowerPoint presentations. 

The moderated posters will be located in the São Paulo room. Please hang your poster in the morning on the day of your presentation and please remove it at the end of the day. The attendees of each moderated poster session will have the opportunity to view the posters before the session starts and during the first 10 minutes of the session.

Set up Time:                                      between 8.00 and 10.30 hours 
Poster to be removed:                    between 17.30 and 18.30 hours 

The maximum allowed height of your poster is 118,9 cm (46 in) and width is 84,1 cm (33 in) (A0 portrait style). We advise you to use the template poster file when creating your poster. Material for attaching the posters to the poster walls is available in the room.

Digital poster stations and website
In order to give all participants the opportunity to view all posters without any hurry, all posters (moderated and unmoderated) will be published at digital poster stations and on the official conference website. Please submit a digital version of your poster via the Presenter's Portal.

Unmoderated (Exhibited) Posters

Unmoderated (Exhibited) Posters are presented as non-discussed posters only, to be exhibited digitally for the duration of the meeting. The posters will be published at digital poster stations in the exhibition hall and on the website. 

We advise you to use the template poster file when creating your poster. Please submit a digital version of your poster via the Presenter's Portal.  

Disclosure Forms

All presenters, moderators, authors and committee members must disclose any affiliations or conflicts by completing the disclosure form.

If you did not yet submit your disclosure form please do so at your earliest convenience and, if applicable, remind your (co-)presenters to submit their disclosure forms as well before 21 August 2014.
Click here for the disclosure form

Upload your data/files

All presenters/speakers/moderators can easily submit their data/files they are requested to send in (e.g. posters, presentations, etc.) through the following secure link:
-> Click here to access the secure section/log in.

If you do not remember your log in and/or if you want to create a new profile, please use the following link:

-> Click here to create a new profile

Audio Visual Equipment for Your Session

The rooms in the Transamérica Hotel are equipped with notebooks/laptops and all presenters are encouraged to project data directly from this equipment. Therefore, please bring your presentation in PC-compatible format (PowerPoint recommended, but other formats are possible) on a USB stick no later than 90 minutes prior to your presentation to the “SpeakerCenter”. Presenting from a personal notebook/laptop is not possible. We recommend that you store an accessible copy of your presentation on-line either on the meetings’ Presenters’ Portal or on your own personal on-line storage (e.g. webmail, on-line docs or cloud). 

Recommendations for the Production of Projection Material

Projection material should be regarded as a supplement to the spoken word. You should therefore not use more than 1 or 2 slides per minute. For optimal comprehension of each slide, keep the information short and clear.
We further recommend you to use no more than 7 lines of text with 5 or 6 words per line and to sparingly use bold and italic styles. It is also recommended to insert spaces to clearly separate sections and when using bullets, please choose dashes, stars or dots. When presenting figures, tracings, tables, or other illustrations, one or two clear graphical events per slide is recommended to ensure that they can be appreciated from a distance.

PC charts
We recommend that PC presentations (PC charts) are prepared in landscape format. To ensure that the PC charts on the screen are legible from the seats in the very back of the hall, it is essential to use the following font sizes:

Headers: bold, font size 40
Sub-headings: bold, font size 32 or 36
Text and figures: normal, font size 24 or 28

Choose a dark background and a light font or a light background and dark font. If you use colours for text and graphics, please ensure they are strong colours that stand out from each other.

For your PC presentation, we recommend to use Microsoft PowerPoint. The animation feature will help you bring your text to life and increase the audience’s attention.